A man with a severe lung injury was saved by Novokuznetsk doctors

Federal News Agency
Federal News Agency

Doctors in Novokuznetsk performed a complex operation on a 41-year-old local resident with a severe chest wound. Information about this was shared in the Ministry of Health of Kuzbass.

According to the information and business portal “Sibdepo”, the wounded man received emergency care at the Tisulsk regional hospital, his left lung was sewn up. As a result of the examination, it turned out that a fragment of the wounding object had also affected the right lung and was stuck in the region of the spine.

On a special helicopter of the Kuzbass Center for Disaster Medicine. I.K. Galeev, the man was transferred to the Novokuznetsk City Clinical Hospital No. A.A. Lutsik, the department said. Doctors had to perform a complex operation to remove a foreign object from the chest.

It was very important not to affect the spinal cord, large vessels and avoid complete paralysis of the patient. There was even a possibility of death. However, surgeons coped with this task. Soon the rescued will go home, the operation was successful, the press service of the regional Ministry of Health added.


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