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A lot of people and the beaches are packed: what is happening in the main resort town of Crimea


Despite the cancellation of flights, tens of thousands of tourists have already gathered in Crimea: many go to Yalta, the main resort town of the peninsula. The embankment is not so crowded during the day, as everyone relaxes on the beach, where it is already difficult to find a free place. But in the evening, during the promenade, there are quite a lot of people here.

Correspondent FAN looked at what was happening on the Yalta embankment and beaches during the day, and also found out what the situation was like on the main street in the evening.

“There were so many people on the embankment on the Day of Russia, I don’t remember this for a long time, it was hard to push through! Perhaps, after the coronavirus restrictions, everyone was finally able to breathe easy and attend festive events that were constantly canceled. Now everyone has scattered along the beaches and excursions, and, of course, it’s more calm on the embankment,” says local resident Olga.

Looking at the photos of the last days in the city, you can be sure that the reports spread in some Ukrainian sources about the absence of tourists in Crimea are obvious fakes.

Experts predict that at least seven million tourists will visit Crimea this year. At the moment, it is known that most of the train tickets to the republic for the summer have already been sold.


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