A large investor, from whom the Kurgan authorities are taking land for an asphalt plant, has lost revenue

Opening of the AMOMATIC asphalt plant.  Kurgan, loader

The construction company TADC, from which the Kurgan authorities are taking away a land plot for an asphalt plant, lost revenue over the past year. Incomes last year decreased by almost 184 million rubles. Relevant information is available in the financial statements of the enterprise. Earlier, the director of the enterprise, Alexander Bronskikh, reported that they terminated the agreement on a business project in which hundreds of millions of rubles were invested.

LLC “Tyumen road company”. Statement of financial results for 2022. Revenue – 857,560,000 rubles. For the same period in 2021, revenues amounted to more than one billion rubles, ”the documentation on the VLIS service says. At the same time, the net profit of the road enterprise increased by 2.5 times. In 2022, TADC earned 19.5 million rubles.

Earlier, URA.RU wrote that the plant of the son-in-law of Senator Muratov more than quadrupled its revenue. The Kurgandormash enterprise, which produces road and municipal equipment, earned more than 300 million rubles in 2022. Revenue rose to 2.6 billion. The plant for the production of equipment for oil workers “Kurgankhimmash”, on the contrary, showed a decrease in profits at the end of last year. The company lost about 309 million rubles. Revenue fell by more than 1.6 billion rubles.


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