A Kurgan man made his way into the administration building and set fire to a cabinet with documents

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In the village of Kovriga, Shadrinsky district (Kurgan region), an unknown person set fire to archival documents in an administrative building. This is reported in telegram channels.

“An unknown person set fire to a cabinet with archival documents in the administration of the village council of the village of Kovrigi, Kurgan region,” reports the SHOT channel. To carry out his plan, the attacker had to break into the lock. After the arson he fled.

Firefighters put out the fire. The flames only damaged the cabinet and flooring. The district administration confirmed that an incident occurred in the archival storage – some documents were damaged.

The editors turned to the regional police for comment. The Ministry of Internal Affairs also confirmed the fact of the offense and reported that they had detained the offender. The department also promised to provide detailed information about the incident later.

Earlier, URA.RU reported that firefighters extinguished a fire in a Kurgan hospital. The fire occurred in the cafeteria after arson by one of the patients.


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