A hot bath or shower will become an unaffordable luxury in the Czech Republic


    The crisis, which is caused by anti-Russian sanctions, may lead to problems in the Czech Republic in the coming winter. Residents of the country will have to save resources, including washing less often. This was warned by the Czech columnist Tomas Lansky.

    In the material for the portal iDNES.cz he notes that dependence on Russian gas confuses the country’s residents. On the one hand, they do not want to receive fuel from President Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, they really need it. Thus, according to Lansky, there are three scenarios for the development of the gas crisis.

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    According to the first, the Czech Republic should rely on the three billion cubic meters of LNG reserved at the Dutch floating terminal. This reserve should be enough to meet almost a third of the annual fuel consumption.

    Speaking about the second option, the publicist writes that if LNG is not supplied, the inhabitants of the Czech Republic will be forced to save. Industrial enterprises and other industries will have to be limited. Czechs in this case will even have to wash less often.

    “Hot baths and showers will once again be a luxury” the editor-in-chief of the server ElektÅ™ina.cz Arsen Lazarevich noticed from himself.

    The third scenario is the most pessimistic: Russian gas will not be supplied to the Czech Republic at all.


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