A high-rise building will be built in Yekaterinburg according to the presidential program

Construction of an apartment building on Uktus.  Ekaterinburg

In Yekaterinburg, doctors, teachers and employees of defense enterprises united to build a dream home. For these purposes, those who want to find their own corner have created a housing construction cooperative (HSC) “Family” and have already elected a chairman. According to the project, a high-rise building will appear on Uktus on the street. Pronina. There, builders will erect a 23-story building and improve the surrounding area. A URA.RU correspondent visited the construction site and also talked with future new residents.

On September 1, 2016, changes to Federal Law No. 161-FZ “On promoting the development of housing construction” came into force in Russia. The amendments are intended to simplify the activities of housing cooperatives. Cooperatives are created to build housing on land provided free of charge by the government. The corresponding initiative was voiced by Russian President Vladimir Putin during his address to the Federal Assembly back in 2008.

Construction of an apartment building on Uktus.  Ekaterinburg
Cardiovascular surgeon of SOKB No. 1 Vitaly Rzhannikov became a member of the Family Housing Society

Today, a housing construction cooperative (HCC) is becoming almost the only opportunity for employees of state-owned enterprises to acquire their own housing. The fact is that building a house in this format allows future residents to save about 30% compared to the average market cost of similar apartments.

Vitaly Rzhannikov, a cardiovascular surgeon at SOKB No. 1, decided to take advantage of this unique opportunity. For his large family, in which, by the way, as many as 5 children are growing up, participation in the housing cooperative will improve their living conditions.

Construction of an apartment building on Uktus.  Ekaterinburg
Vitaly Rzhannikov recently became a dad for the fifth time

“Like any large family, we have long thought about buying a larger apartment. However, the cost of housing on the market today is prohibitive for a family of doctors (the surgeon’s wife is a functional diagnostics doctor). After a while, our colleague proposed creating a cooperative based on Federal Law No. 161. And we gladly agreed. Now we are waiting to receive the keys. Of course, it won’t be possible to allocate a separate room for children, but now children of different sexes will live separately (the family has three daughters and two sons), and not huddle in one room,” Rzhannikov noted in an interview with an agency correspondent.

Housing construction cooperatives are gaining popularity in the Ural capital every year. (ZhSK) “Family” will become the sixth high-rise building that is being built in Yekaterinburg as part of a program to support certain categories of the population. Under this program, the Alliance houses have already been built in Akademichesky, the Health and Our House houses in VIZ, and two houses of the Novator housing cooperative in Uralmash.

Construction of an apartment building on Uktus.  Ekaterinburg

The general contractor of Zagorodny Kvartal LLC, Alexander Ovchinnikov, noted that the house will be commissioned in 2025
Photo: Vladimir Zhabrikov © URA.RU

“Modern, spacious high-speed elevators will be installed in the building, and there will be beautiful halls with architectural lighting. Landscaping and landscaping are planned to be done as a separate design project. The yard is closed from the road by neighboring houses. Commissioning is planned for the second quarter of 2025,” noted Alexander Ovchinnikov, general contractor of Zagorodny Kvartal LLC.

According to Ovchinnikov, the Sverdlovsk region is currently one of the first regions where a housing construction cooperative project with state support for public sector employees is being successfully implemented. “Due to the free allocation of federal and undelimited land plots, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of final houses and apartments, and state regulation of the process guarantees the involvement of reliable and experienced contractors,” he said.

Construction of an apartment building on Uktus.  Ekaterinburg

Natalya Shakhmaeva became the chairman of the Semya housing cooperative
Photo: Vladimir Zhabrikov © URA.RU

Despite the fact that future new residents will receive the keys to the treasured apartments only in 2025, the participants of the Family housing cooperative have already chosen their chairman. This was Natalya Shakhmaeva, a vascular surgeon at SOKB No. 1. She monitors all stages of construction.

“An employee of a regional or municipal healthcare, cultural, educational or social service institution, employees of defense enterprises, as well as large families can join the cooperative. The project is being implemented with government support, so the cost of housing for members of the cooperative is 30% lower than the market price. The building on Uktus will have 217 fully finished apartments,” she noted.

“Purchasing your own home, and at a decent saving, is a great opportunity that I didn’t refuse. Yes, the stages of approvals and site selection took time, but it was worth it. Now I’m looking forward to moving into my nest. I’m already imagining what the apartment will look like and selecting a color palette for the future interior. Therefore, I think that we should not be afraid of difficulties, we need to unite,” shared doctor Shakhmaeva.

Denis Babkin noted the top position of the Sverdlovsk region in the implementation of housing cooperative projects
Photo: DOM.RF

Head of direction in the division “Housing and Construction Cooperation” House. Denis Babkin of the Russian Federation noted that thanks to the implementation of housing cooperative projects in the Sverdlovsk region, more than 1,200 families were able to improve their living conditions. “It is worth noting that the Sverdlovsk region is among the top 5 regions implementing the housing cooperative program in terms of the volume of housing commissioned,” he said.

Over the past 7 years, 1,228 apartments have been built in the Ural capital under the federal program to promote housing construction. According to the federal authorities, the Sverdlovsk region is one of the leaders among Russian regions in this indicator. This became possible thanks to the joint efforts of federal and regional authorities.

The Government of the Russian Federation, the Governor of the Sverdlovsk region, and the regional Ministry of State Property are involved in the implementation of the project. With the new – sixth – house, which is currently being built on Uktus and will be commissioned in 2025, this figure will increase to almost one and a half thousand.

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