A half-naked, inadequate man was hitting a goal and a car in Tyumen. Video

    The situation near the house of Shipbuilders 40, where the detainee on suspicion of involvement in the murder of Nastya Muravyova lives.  Tyumen, UAZ, UAZ, police, police car, shipbuilders 40

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    In Tyumen, an inadequate man with a naked torso was filmed yelling all over the street, kicking at the gate and trying to break the window of a car. The incident was reported by local residents on social media.

    “An insane man with a naked torso ran and yelled, threw himself at the gate and beat them, and the drivers standing nearby also got hit. The police arrived and with grief in half stuffed the man into the car, he really didn’t want it, kicked, fell and yelled, ”the message says in the Emergency Tyumen | Otzovik” in the social network “Vkontakte”. Video footage of the incident has also been released.

    The footage shows that police officers arrived at the scene and twisted the insane person. At the time of detention, the man also behaved inappropriately.

    The agency sent a request to the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the Tyumen region. A response is expected.

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