A giant crayfish was caught near Chelyabinsk. A photo

Crayfish in a bar

Chelyabinsk fisherman Vladimir Kirsanov caught a 240-gram crayfish, which is three times the average weight of representatives of this species. Vladimir published a photo with a trophy on social networks.

“About seven years ago, I launched crayfish into one of the region’s quarries. In which one I can’t say, a fishing secret. After a while they divorced. Now I catch and cook,” Kirsanov told URA.RU.

The man also sent photos of previously caught crayfish to a URA.RU correspondent. Some weigh 245 grams. For comparison, the average size of crayfish is usually 30-70 grams.

Earlier Chelyabinsk residents were told about the best days for fishing in August. According to Yandex. Weather”, the days of biting became 13.14 and 15 of the month.

The weight of the cancer was several times higher than the average
A photo:

The weight of some individuals reaches 245 grams
A photo:

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