A gas cylinder exploded in a house near Novosibirsk


    Ambulances - 1920, 07.12.2021

    NOVOSIBIRSK, 7 Dec – A gas cylinder exploded in one of the apartments of a residential building in the city of Toguchin, as a result of the incident, one person was injured, reports SUSK in the Novosibirsk region, noting that investigators organized a check on this emergency.
    “The Investigation Department for the city of Toguchin of the Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee of Russia for the Novosibirsk Region is conducting a pre-investigation check on the fact of the cotton of a gas cylinder in an apartment in a residential building on Vokzalnaya Street, 52 in the city of Toguchin, Novosibirsk Region,” the message says.
    According to the regional headquarters of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the incident was reported early Tuesday morning. The firefighters who arrived at the scene discovered a fire in an apartment on the first floor of a three-story residential building. Open combustion was eliminated within 25 minutes. As a result of the fire, the apartment was damaged by fire, previously, on a total area of ​​40 square meters.
    “Prior to the arrival of the fire and rescue units, 12 people independently evacuated from the house. According to operational information, the residents of the house rescued a man from the burning apartment, he was hospitalized by doctors in the central regional hospital with burns,” the GUMChS reported.
    The Investigation Department reported that forensic investigators immediately went to the scene of the incident, and all the circumstances of the incident are being established.
    The prosecutor’s office of the Novosibirsk region told reporters that the supervisory authority during the inspection will assess the actions of the officials of the management company, as well as the completeness of measures taken by the administrations of Toguchin and Toguchinsky district to eliminate the consequences of the incident. The district prosecutor Anna Churun ​​works on the spot.
    According to the prosecutor’s office, the victim is in the intensive care unit of the local hospital with burns. As a result of the fire, the apartment and the common property of the residential building – windows, doors, cladding – were damaged by fire.


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