“A flagrant disgrace”: Vostretsov supported the idea of ​​suspension from study and work in universities for anti-Russian statements

Federal News Agency |  Stepan Yatsko
Federal News Agency | Stepan Yatsko

Ten students of the Faculty of History of St. Petersburg State University (SPbSU) may be expelled after making unflattering remarks about a sophomore who died in the SVO zone.

Students supported Associate Professor of the Institute of History of St. Petersburg State University Mikhail Belousov, who repeatedly spoke with an anti-Russian position, for which he was soon fired. The University Commission on Ethics believes that the students violated the moral and ethical standards enshrined in the SPbU Code.

“Recognize that the student’s actions … are incompatible with the status of a student at St. Petersburg State University,” the document says.

Moscow Agency |  Sergei Vedyashkin
Moscow Agency | Sergei Vedyashkin

Chairman of the Association of Trade Unions of Russia SOTSPROF Sergei Vostretsov believes that everyone who works in an educational institution and acts with an anti-Russian position should be removed from work. The expert shared the corresponding opinion with the correspondent FAN.

“It is necessary to adopt a federal law that allows the head, founder of universities, technical schools, vocational schools and schools (there are a lot of teachers who go to unauthorized actions and conduct anti-Russian propaganda in classes and on the Internet) to “drive” out of education. The founder, head is obliged to immediately dismiss the rector and director if his inaction led to the creation of an anti-Russian organization in the institutions. The rector, director of an institution should have the right to dismiss, a teacher and an employee, as well as to expel a student who is detained at unauthorized actions, conducts educational or social activities, including in social networks, aimed at inciting ethnic or religious hatred, as well as against the Russian state and the army. There is definitely nothing for such people to do in the education system,” Vostretsov said.

According to the interlocutor of the FAN, today the rectors of higher educational institutions do not have enough rights to dismiss the teaching staff, which hinders quality work.

“I consider the fact that happened at St. Petersburg State University to be a flagrant disgrace, and the situation that unfolded around this topic is unnecessary “mouse fuss”. All this rigmarole with ethics commissions, endless investigations and discussion of the topic for months does not lead to anything good. If the situation had not come out in the media and almost the president himself had not personally learned about it, these “geeks” would have studied, this scoundrel and traitor professor would still have been working, and everything would have been covered up. Today, there are such people in almost every university. “Maidan” guys who go to rallies and protests, “shit” in social networks on their homeland, and then, like “elite brains”, flow abroad. Unfortunately, there are enough of them and mostly they grow up in families with good income and not always with an honest income: the kids of corrupt officials and stolen elites. Today, the rector is practically powerless. The heads of educational institutions once again try not to get involved with such “non-Arkharovites”, because these “comrades” are very savvy and legally literate,” the chairman of the SOTSPROF noted.

Sergei Vostretsov also spoke about the existence of “pseudo-trade unions”, the purpose of which is to “put a spoke in the wheels.”

“They even have “pseudo-trade unions” of the “teacher” type, who scribble bundles of complaints with or without reason, paralyzing the normal work of educational institutions and the leadership of universities actually does not get out of the prosecutor’s office and labor inspectorate. They work out with particular zeal any “bunch” and “anonymity” on formal grounds, but when something serious is required of them and really needs to be dealt with, you cannot force our competent authorities to work. And when you need to write unsubscribes and pull people away from work, they know how. Not all, but very often it happens. But the lawyers of these “pseudo-pravdorubov” are savvy, overseas friends do not regret grants for this business. In the seventh convocation of the State Duma, I was preparing a bill giving the head the right to dismiss an employee or student who participated in illegal actions or conducted anti-Russian propaganda on the Internet, but I did not manage to submit it. It’s a pity,” Sergei Vostretsov concluded.

Earlier, Sergei Vostretsov said that all higher education should be free. He noted that it is not the student’s form of education that is important, but how he subsequently “repays his debt” to his native state.


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