The five-month-old lioness Ciara was saved in Makhachkala from a flayer photographer, having bought the predator for 160 thousand rubles.

According to the volunteers, the animal has been in real hell. The emaciated lioness survived possible beatings, photo shoots with children and adults, and abuse.

“At five months, a lion should be twice as big. And she weighs 15 kg, but she should be 40,” said animal rights activist Asiyat Khadulaeva.

prt scr telegram.org @rentv_news
prt scr telegram.org @rentv_news

The girl managed to collect 600 thousand rubles for Ciara’s treatment. During the examination in the veterinary clinic, it turned out that the exhausted animal had a displacement of the pelvic bones and multiple fractures of the paws.

At first, Ciara couldn’t take a step, moaning from the intense pain. Thanks to the care and attention of specialists, she is now better, but she still limps heavily, writes REN TV.

Sakhalin volunteers had previously rescued a dog with puppies that had been walled up on the seashore. The incident took place in Kholmsk on May 12.



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