A firefighter saved a three-year-old girl from falling from the balcony of a five-story building in Omsk

globallookpress/EMERCOM of Russia
globallookpress/EMERCOM of Russia

In Omsk, a three-year-old girl almost fell off the balcony of an apartment on the fifth floor. EMERCOM officer Sergei Moskvin, who arrived at the call, saved the child from death in time, the press service of the regional department reports.

The incident happened on Malinovsky Street. Eyewitnesses contacted emergency services and reported that a little girl was standing on the balcony. A firefighter arrived at the indicated address and saw that the minor was leaning over the railing of the structure and was trying to tell them something.

“I made the decision to go up the stairs to her. Already on the balcony I saw that she was standing on a chair. Noticing me, she got scared and ran into the room. I tried to calm the child, ”said the rescuer.

Moskvin climbed through the window into the room and found that a woman was lying unconscious on the floor. He called an ambulance to the scene, which took a local resident to a medical facility. The girl is currently safe.


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