A father from Podolsk refused to consider his children “Mowgli” and complained about compassionate grandmothers


Mowgli’s father from Podolsk said he did not drink alcohol and watched the children

One of the parents of Mowgli children, found in a cluttered apartment in Podolsk, commented on “360” information on the Internet. The father said that all this is not true, the children do not need anything.

A father from Podolsk refused to consider his children

“Children are not hungry, they constantly walk, they are dressed normally. The only thing – only dilapidated housing. But we were there temporarily. Since I am currently in the process of changing jobs. And I can’t yet rent a normal apartment without damaging the family budget, ”said the father of the family.

He noted that the information to the police came from “compassionate grandmothers.” The man also rejected the state of alcoholic intoxication, arguing that a medical examination was not carried out.

“When the police entered the apartment, at that moment I was sleeping with my youngest son. The mother of the children does not drink alcohol or any other substances at all, ”the source said.

The man showed a photo of the children as evidence that they are well dressed, walking and happy. Now the youngest child is in the children’s department of the hospital in Podolsk, the older ones are in the infectious diseases department in Klimovsk.

“We constantly visit them and give them all sorts of sweets and toys. Literally three hours ago, I went to the older children and handed over two packages of sweets and coloring books. Mom went to the youngest son and also carried a large package. The total cost of everything is about four thousand rubles, ”said the father.

According to the interlocutor, the law enforcement agencies did not open any cases against them, they only issued a warning to eliminate the shortcomings. The issue of deprivation of parental rights and the removal of children was not considered.

“Parents, that is, we, are not asocial individuals,” summed up the father of the children.

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