A fatal accident occurred in the Aksubaevsky district of Tatarstan


A fatal car accident happened in the Aksubaevsky district of Tatarstan. The driver of the Lada fell into a ditch, flew out of the car and died. The man was not wearing a seat belt.

As the publication writes KAZANFIRST, The driver rushed at high speed, lost control and flew into a ditch. As a result of the accident, the car was seriously damaged, but the living space for the driver remained, and the Tatarstan citizen could have survived. However, the driver did not fasten his seat belt and was thrown out of the car by inertia.

Injuries sustained by the driver in the fall were incompatible with life. Arriving paramedics could only witness death. Traffic police officers remind that seat belts reduce the severity of injuries in an accident and can save lives.


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