A family with a five-year-old child was at the time of the explosion in an apartment in New Moscow

Shot: an explosion occurred in a residential building in New Moscow on the morning of May 30

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At the time of the alleged explosion in a high-rise building in New Moscow, there was a family with a five-year-old child. After the incident, they evacuated in a state of shock, said Telegram channel Shot.

The clap occurred, according to the channel, on the 25th floor of a high-rise building on Atlasov Street early in the morning on May 30. At the time of the emergency, a family with a five-year-old child was in the apartment. Immediately after the incident, they went out in a state of shock, without waiting for the rescuers.

The shock wave knocked out windows on three floors and damaged the floor slab. According to preliminary information, no one was hurt. The area was cordoned off, experts examined the roof. The house is not gasified.

According to the channel, the police will check the version of the attack by a drone. Local residents found gray fragments near the house, similar to parts of a UAV. The cotton has occurred on the outside of the house.

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia in Moscow confirmed that the rescuers were called to the house on Atlasnaya Street. There were no traces of fire in the apartment, only broken windows.


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