A cyclist in a short skirt shocked Yekaterinburg residents. “She’s without underwear?” Video, photo


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    One of the participants in the bike ride in the center of Yekaterinburg embarrassed the Sverdlovsk residents with her bare buttocks. She came to the event in a short skirt. This is reported by the correspondent of URA.RU from the scene.

    “The brightest participant. She looks like she’s not wearing underwear in the photo. But it only seems, ”the eyewitnesses shared. In a conversation with a URA.RU correspondent, the outrageous cyclist said that other participants reacted very brightly to her. “Look, look, she is against the system. Rides in a helmet, the one and only. They said the most beautiful athlete here. So nice,” shared the girl.

    She said that she was participating in a city bike race for the first time, she liked the event. The bike ride was held in Yekaterinburg in honor of the Builder’s Day. For the sake of cyclists blocked the main streets. Athletes started and finished at the Kosmos cinema. To overcome the distance of 28 kilometers, the athletes had to make eight laps, for a distance of 14 kilometers, four laps. Famous athletes also took part in the race. For example, cyclist Mikhail Astashov.

    The participant chose an unusual form for arrival
    A photo:

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