A civilian was injured during the shelling of Donetsk by the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the Grad MLRS


    A 62-year-old civilian was injured as a result of a rocket from a Grad multiple launch rocket system hitting a residential building on Chelyuskintsev Street in Donetsk. This was reported on August 6 by the Readovka telegram channel.

    It is noted that as a result of the explosion of a rocket projectile, a load-bearing wall cracked, one apartment was destroyed and the ceiling was pierced.

    It is also indicated that as a result of the blow of the Ukrainian Nazis, a 62-year-old woman was injured, who received shrapnel wounds to her face and right shoulder, as well as a wound to the parietal region, and she was hospitalized.

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    “Here in the wall (flew), the wife was sitting on the couch. There, you see, everything scattered here, it was cut all over … Her face was all, her eyes were covered up.– said the husband of the victim.

    As reported IA REGNUMearlier it became known that the inspection of the Kievsky district of Donetsk during the investigation of a criminal case on the crimes of the Kyiv …

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