A chanter in a temple, a huntsman and a sweetie have become some of the most unusual vacancies on the labor market in Russia


The Zarplata.ru service listed the rarest vacancies in Russia. Among them were unusual options, including a chanter in the temple.

According to the service, some companies are looking for a separate specialist for rendering hair and fur. One of the well-known film companies in Russia requires more than three years of work from a professional. The vacancy of a chorister in a church has also become original for the Russian market. Applicants are expected to have knowledge of the church charter and musical education.

The list also included a sweetie and a huntsman. The latter must have a license to drive a tractor. Among other unusual professions on the list are a theater costume designer and a barmaid.

However, employers of such vacancies do not always offer a “white” salary. Some employees have to come to terms with the fact that they will be “shadow” workers. Earlier, the authorities discussed a set of measures to reduce the number of Russians receiving wages “in an envelope.”


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