A case was opened against an employee of the White Swan colony, suspected of beating

The Investigative Committee of the ICR for the Perm Territory opened a criminal case against an employee of one of the colonies. He is accused of committing a crime under s. “a, b” part 3 of Art. 286 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (abuse of official powers with the use of violence and special means), it is reported Online management.

“According to the investigation, in May 2023, an employee of the correctional institution, while on duty, in one of the premises of the correctional colony, exceeding his official powers, applied special means to the convict – handcuffs – after which he inflicted multiple blows on the body with his hands.”

As the interlocutors told Kommersant, we are talking about an employee of the Federal Penitentiary Service Artur Khramtsov. Earlier, the founder of the Gulagu.net project, Vladimir Osechkin (recognized as a foreign agent), posted a video where a man, who, according to the author, is Artur Khramtsov, the head of the security department of IK-1, beats a prisoner after handcuffing him.

Dmitry Astakhov, Perm


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