A 15-year-old man cannot get a passport lost in prison

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Yekaterinburg resident Alikhon Azamov has been unable to obtain a new passport instead of a USSR passport for 15 years, which, according to him, was lost in prison. During the years of ordeals, he lost his leg, but is not considered disabled and does not receive benefits due to the lack of a document. About how a Tajik, who was born in the USSR and lived all his life in Yekaterinburg, had to prove his right to live in Russia – in the material URA.RU.

Alihon Azamov, a Tajik by nationality, was born in the Kazakh SSR in 1961, and in 1991 he moved to Russia: first to Kirov, then Yekaterinburg. Here he married, worked: as a salesman at the Chkalovsky market near the South Bus Station.


“I sold things brought by the hostess from Greece, Turkey, China. I worked officially – I have two work books – the USSR and Russia, I have a driver’s license, a diploma of secondary education. But in 1999, a misfortune happened – I killed a man. In 2000, I received a term, ”Alikhon told the correspondent.

The man was released only with a certificate of release

The man was serving a sentence in IK-15 in the village of Sosva, and in 2007 he was released on parole. According to him, when he was released, he was given only a certificate of release and was told that his passport and military ID had been sent to his place of residence. However, he did not find his documents either there or at the military registration and enlistment office.

In turn, in the Sverdlovsk department of the GUFSIN, where the correspondent turned for comment, they doubted the veracity of the man’s words. “After release, we send a military ID by order to the military registration and enlistment office, the passport is definitely not sent anywhere,” the press service said. Representatives of the department added that Azamov’s card in Sosva’s correctional colony contains a note that he is a citizen of the Russian Federation. The case itself was destroyed according to the regulations.


Alihon’s family life did not work out: his wife and three sons moved to Moscow, he does not know anything about their fate, although he is still not officially divorced. After his release, the man lived for a long time with a woman who kicked him out of the house after a disaster happened – four years ago, Alikhon had his leg amputated due to vein thrombosis.

“Before that, I brought money to the house, and then she had to feed me. She said – until you make the documents, do not return. I’ve been without a leg for four years now, but I don’t have a disability and I don’t receive a pension, because I can’t restore my passport, ”Alikhon explained.


A man has lost his leg for four years, but he is not recognized as disabled
Photo: Ludmila Lukasheva

For a week, the man wandered along the street and once almost froze in a snowdrift if a random passerby had not called an ambulance. He was taken to the hospital, and from there he turned to the social services, which placed the disabled person in a night stay home. There he could only spend the night, and spent the day on the porch. “Ekaterinburg residents are kind, they helped,” the man assures. All this time, he unsuccessfully applied to various authorities, but could not only get a passport, but also prove his identity.

“The situation is dire. The person has lived in Russia since 1991, the document was lost by the state body of the Federal Penitentiary Service, and no one is going to restore the passport under obvious circumstances, ”outraged Lyudmila Lukasheva, head of the Public Reception Office of the Special Representative of the State Duma of the Russian Federation for Migration and Citizenship. It was to her that Azamov turned for help, and only then did the matter get off the ground.


In September last year, Azamov managed to officially confirm his identity, and in November the Leninsky Court granted Alikhanov’s claim, officially establishing the fact of his permanent residence in the territory of the Russian Federation. To do this, the man had to bring witnesses to the court, who testified that in February 1992 – the period of the collapse of the USSR – Alikhon was in Yekaterinburg.

In the shelter, Azamov is called kind and diligent. He helps others despite his handicap
Photo: Alihon Azamov

Now the entire package of documents is in the city police department, where it must be decided whether they will give him a Russian passport or not. Then he will finally be able to apply for disability and receive an old-age pension – in February he will turn 62 years old.

“I dream of having a prosthesis, I want to walk on two legs. Physically, I am strong, I can work, live a normal life,” says Alikhon.

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