700 students came to study in Canada with fake offer letters, a small mistake exposed, they will be sent to India. 700 Indian students face deportation from Canada, here’s why


Published: Thursday, March 16, 2023, 21:44 [IST]

The Justin Trudeau government of Canada has decided to send 700 Indian students back to India. The Canadian authorities found the offer letters of these students in educational institutions to be fake. After this, the Canadian Border Security Agency (CBSA) has issued deportation notices against all these students. All these students had reached Canada under the study program in 2018 or later. According to reports in IANS, all these students had applied through Brijesh Mishra’s Education Migration Service based in Jalandhar.

There is an allegation on Brijesh Mishra that he took Rs 16 to 20 lakhs from each student for visa. It also included admission fees and other charges. However, it did not include air ticket and security deposit. These students had gone to Canada for studies in 2018-19. During this time many students had even completed their course. Their fraud came to light when several students applied for permanent residency in Canada. In this episode, CBSA examined the documents on the basis of which visa was issued to the students. During this, the officials found that the admission offer letters of the students were fake.

According to reports, most of these 700 students had already completed their studies. He had also obtained a work permit and was working for some time. The trouble started when he applied for PR. A close scrutiny of their papers started and then the matter came to light. This education fraud is unique in its kind which has come to the fore in Canada for the first time. Experts said that such a huge fraud is the result of a large number of applicants in Canada.

According to reports, applications of students who want to go abroad on the basis of education from Punjab are rejected in large numbers. The main reasons for this are fake bank statements and birth certificates, and fake documents prepared regarding the education gap. These cases are caught in the investigation. In 2020-21, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs caught more than 600 such cases related to Punjab, Haryana, in which fake documents were used to obtain education visa of Australia.

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