7 style mistakes that will mercilessly age even a young beauty

Many women, in pursuit of trends and because of the desire to be stylish, often make the same mistakes. Older ladies constantly forget that some of the fashion items are designed for young girls. These wardrobe items have been throwing on women for a couple of decades. What clothes should you be especially careful with? We tell and you remember.

1. Hoodies

Oversized things are not suitable for everyone. In order for such a wardrobe item to look stylish in the image and not hide the dignity of the figure, it is important to know certain rules. And those women who simply put on huge and shapeless dresses, simply called hoodies, certainly do not become younger and more beautiful in them. Hiding a figure, you run the risk of being known as notorious and embarrassed even with spectacular forms.

2. Vintage things

Vintage things look good on younger girls.  Photo © Shutterstock

Vintage things look good on younger girls. Photo © Shutterstock

Yes, they can look beautiful, but remember that this is a direct reference to the past. If you are a little over 30, the hope of marrying a prince still remains, but vintage can play a cruel joke on you. The things of grandmothers and great-grandmothers look good on younger girls, emphasizing youth. Vintage ages older women, turning them into the same ladies who are the same age as similar clothes. You should be very careful and carefully select images with old things. It is best to go to theme parties or family holidays in them.

3. Too bright and nondescript colors

When choosing the shades of the image, you should be guided by several rules so as not to look old. For example, faded, earthy or nondescript colors such as gray, dark green, brown can easily throw you a few extra years. They shade the skin of the face and give it an unhealthy and pale look. It is best to choose bright accents or initially build images from lighter and warmer colors. Also remember that clothes that are too saturated and defiant will not make you look more stylish and younger, but will only give out a lack of taste and hint to others about the real numbers in your passport.

4. Print on fabric

Flowers, polka dots, herringbone and other “grandmother’s” prints that were in vogue 20-30 years ago, of course, will leave an imprint in the form of thrown years on the mistress of the image. As with vintage items, fabrics with similar patterns should be combined carefully and with something modern. But it is important not to overdo it, so as not to give the impression of “putting on the first thing that fell out of the closet.” The image can be rejuvenated with trendy accessories and hairstyle.

5. Long hair and bun

Hair always plays an important role in the image.  Photo © Unsplash

Hair always plays an important role in the image. Photo © Unsplash

By the way, about hairstyles. Hair always plays an important role in the image. The mane is not only what men first of all pay attention to, but in general an important detail of appearance. You are young or older, try to keep up with the trends in coloring and haircuts: experiment with shades, do not be afraid of short lengths or interesting styling. Because simply loose long hair, or, on the contrary, gathered in a banal tight bun, will only grow old and turn into a grandmother for a walk. Dark shades of hairstyles will also only add visually a couple of decades.

6. Jackets with wide shoulders

As you already know, now beloved by many things from the 90s and zero are back in fashion. You can not only nostalgic for the times of youth, but also collect comfortable images. That’s just jackets with broad shoulders should be avoided. Like trouser suits in general, such an element of clothing will visually add age and make it stricter. In addition, such a wardrobe item deforms the figure and is not initially suitable for all ladies. Without the right and relevant shoes and accessories, you run the risk of looking not fashionable and stylish, but like a person who has not let go of the past.

7. Wrap dresses

Or, as they like to call them, dressing gowns. Women with magnificent forms are very fond of wearing these, because it is possible to hide flaws and emphasize dignity. But it is important when choosing a dress to look at the print. If you opt for some too bright fabrics or, even worse, a multi-colored pattern, you risk looking like a housewife in a dressing gown who went to the store.

To always remain stylish and beautiful, we advise you to remember the ingenious fashion hacks of our mothers and grandmothers from the USSR, which remain relevant today.


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