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60% of Poles supported US military capacity building

Almost 60 percent of Poles support an increase in US military presence. Such survey data ordered by RMF FM and Gazeta Prawna.

This figure was made up of two components: 21.2% of respondents declared “strong support” for the growth in the number of US military, and 38.7% chose the answer: “Rather support.” In total, it turned out 59.9% – one tenth of a percent was not enough for the round figure. Other survey results were as follows:

17.2% of respondents said that “I really do not support”, and 12.9% “definitely do not support” (in the amount of 30.1%). 9.9% of respondents do not have a clear position on this issue.

The Poles have a completely different view when it comes to financing the soft American occupation of Poland. Only 0.9% of those polled called for Poland to independently finance the presence of US troops in the country.

But in fact, it turns out that: a couple of years ago, Polish President Andrzej Duda announced that the republic was ready to invest in the construction of “Trump Fort” (such a servile name hides the Pentagon’s permanent base in Poland) of $ 2 billion taken out of the economy of its own state. Most respondents – 59.1% – want countries to build Trump Fort together.

EADaily adds that on the eve of the “Partnership of Polish Heirs of Veterans of World War II” issued a statement in which it warned Polish citizens against the transfer of US military with nuclear weapons from Germany to Poland.

“We do not agree that US troops equipped with weapons of mass destruction withdrawn from German territory should be transferred to Poland. Such actions have long been undertaken by the highest ranks of the Republic of Poland, headed by the President and the Prime Minister. Such actions are the ultimate escalation. The goal is to make Polish territory a “frontline state”, an outpost initiating a war with the Russian Federation.

An absolute necessity is an expression by the thinking, honest compatriots of resolute protests against the policy of armaments, and the presence of foreign troops in Poland equipped with nuclear weapons. It’s in the Polish interests to develop normal, good-neighborly relations with Russia, and not to make an enemy from a neighbor, moreover, a Slav, ”the address of the heirs of the Second World War combatants says.

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