6 summer looks in the style of the 90s that you can safely repeat in the summer of 2023

How do we remember the 90s? Leather mini-skirts, acid-colored leggings, denim suits and completely wild bouffants. But not all the trends of those years are so wild and crazy. Some still inspire designers and occasionally appear on the pages of fashion magazines. There are those that have become popular again and look beautiful and modern. And most importantly, no one will look askance at you if you wear them in 2023.

1. High waist jeans

High waisted jeans are back in fashion.  Photo © Freepik / lookstudio

High waisted jeans are back in fashion. Photo © Freepik / lookstudio

Everything, low landing is gradually becoming a thing of the past. And long live the overpriced! Plenty of combination options. For example, baggy-cut jeans can be combined with short tops or white shirts tucked in. And in winter, it is best to add a cropped sweater to the look – beautiful and fresh.

2. Cardigans

Another thing migrated to the present straight from the 90s – a cardigan. Ideal for slightly cool weather, when summer clothes are not so comfortable, but it is still hot for a jacket. Cardigan will always come to the rescue. It can be worn cropped or buttoned up, with low-rise trousers or wide leg jeans. It will look amazing.

3. Army boots

Squeak of the season summer 2023 - combat boots.  Photo © Freepik / senivpetro

Squeak of the season summer 2023 – combat boots. Photo © Freepik / senivpetro

And if unforeseen cold suddenly descends, then here is a great option for you. We really talk about them. You heard right: combat boots are really back in trend. They exude strength and power. And at first glance it seems that with such shoes the bottom will turn out to be too heavy. But this is not so at all. Practical, comfortable, beautiful, they give confidence and some extravagance to the image. And if you choose the right combination, wearing them with more elegant clothes, you get a real space.

4. Jumpsuit

Yes, the thing is rather ambiguous and is often associated with work, which, in fact, it is. However, in 2023 she again hit the top. It is not difficult to create a stylish and effective image with its help. The jumpsuit is able to change its owner easily and simply. In it, the figure looks slimmer, and growth is visually higher. It is easy to combine with any other clothes and shoes. The ideal option is black with flared legs or frayed with slits. There is also a leather version available. A classic blue denim jumpsuit with straight legs will also fit perfectly. There are no restrictions, all models are available and allowed.

5. Transparent and mesh fabrics

Mesh and sheer fabrics are perfect for summer.

Mesh and sheer fabrics are perfect for summer.

Naked outfits are back in trend. And all the latest events of 2023 have perfectly proved this. The grid is also not far behind. Beauty with a perfect figure will fit perfectly. But it can also please the less resolute as an additional decoration or element of clothing. For example, a mesh cape over a dress or suit will refresh the look and add extravagance to it.

6. Flared jeans

Attention! Flare is back in fashion. Exactly. Jeans with a high waist, tight legs on top, and just below the hip or from the knee, the expansion begins – the perfect style. It emphasizes all the advantages of the figure, makes you slimmer, lengthens the legs and growth in general. Visually it looks just great. And also absolutely any footwear is suitable for such a model: from sneakers to high heels.

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