45 year old Naudra Bridge Chowpatty in Jabalpur has been the identity of the Civic Center for 38 years

Surendra Dubey, Jabalpur. The 45-year-old Naudra Bridge Chowpatty in Sanskardhani has been the identity of the Civic Center, the heart of the city, for 38 years. The lovers of taste stay here from morning till night. This is because this is the place where the food items of their choice are available with complete quality. Idli-Dosa, Sandwich, Cutlet-Pavbhaji, Bhelpuri, Chaat-Phulki-Sev Puri, Pizza-Chinese, Chole-Bhature, Coffee-Juice, Milk Shake and Ice Cream are in front of the eyes on taking a few steps here.

Customers flock to 17 shops: Even though the total number of shops in Civic Center Chowpatty is only 17, but everything is found in them, which is said to be the specialty of any prosperous Chowpatty. That’s why this Chowpatty is the first choice of the customers of the city. Those who come here with family and are fond of delicious dishes, they throng more on Sundays and other holidays than on other days. During festivals, there is no place to set foot here. Here the members of Gupta, Aggarwal, Jain and Sahu families run the establishments with full devotion. Among them, the ice cream shop of the Khan family also becomes a center of attraction. Each establishment takes full care of the hygiene according to the dignity of the Chowpatty. That is why the trust of the customers has been maintained over the years. Rava Phulki Ki Baat Nirali: Agarwal Chaat Center’s Rava Phulki is most liked in Civic Center Chowpatty. Apart from Khatmitthi Dahi Phulki, it is also served in a spicy style. One who tastes it once, forgets to eat flour fulki. Pradeep and Pramod Agarwal, sons of KP Agarwal, who started this establishment, tell that we have been associated with this Chowpatty for the last 23 years. But in our family, the tradition of Chaat-Phulki has been popular for four decades in Puyadav Colony, Kanchghar, Medical and Chowpatties of Kachpura Bridge. That’s why our old and new customers stick around. Our basket chaat to samosa, crispy, kachori, potato tikki chaat are delicious.

Sadar Chowpatty has more than 40 shops: Sanju Jaiswal, who spread the flavor of dosa in Sadar Chowpatty, says that more than 40 shops are operating in Sadar Chowpatty, which is three decades old. Quality delicious dishes are available in them. That’s why there is a crowd of customers including Sadar. Devotees of all ages come here from morning to night. On turning their eyes from here to there, the aroma of more than one food item attracts them. All snacks are made here on metropolitan lines. Following the discipline of the Cantt Board Administration, parking is done neatly around Sadar Chowpatty. This does not cause chaos. Normal traffic is not interrupted. All this is taken care of so that no one disturbs those who want to come to Sadar Chowpatty and spend a few moments in peace.

Vijay Nagar Chowpatty has added color: Anuj Gupta says that as Vijay Nagar developed, a large settlement spread all around. Due to the long distance from the Civic Center or Sadar Chowpatty, the local people felt the need for a Chowpatty around them. Therefore, vendors selling chaat-phulki, dosa and pavbhaji came together and this is how Vijay Nagar Chowpatty started. On proceeding from Ukhri Road, it is seen before Ahimsa Chowk. More than one cuisine is available here on the lines of Civic Center and Sadar Chowpatty. That’s why foodies keep coming here from morning till night. Since Corona, recipes have been made beneficial for health by paying attention towards immunity booster food.

Chowpatties of Yadav Colony, Kanchghar, Medical and Kachhpura Bridge are also famous: Apart from Civic Center, Sadar and Vijay Nagar, the Chowpatties of Yadav Colony, Kanchghar, Medical and Kachhpura Bridge are also famous in the city. Each of these has some special identity. For example, in Chowpatty of Yadav Colony, Pav Bhaji is special with Rasgulla and Rabri. In this Pav Bhaji, using pomegranate seeds and other fruits, through innovation, every effort is made to show the customers that our Pav Bhaji is a little different from other Pav Bhaji.

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