4 scariest Soviet horror films


    Most of our favorite Soviet films can be classified as comedy, adventure or romance. However, in the Union there were also action films, thrillers, detectives. With horror films, things were worse: those who liked to tickle their nerves with horror stories had to choose from a fairly small list of films. We recall the most terrible Soviet horror films.

    4. King Stakh’s Wild Hunt (1979)

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    In those days, a novelty film was released, which made the majority of Soviet citizens who could watch it start to be afraid of the dark. “King Stach’s Wild Hunt” is a horror film that tells that folklore is based on secrets and scary stories. So the scientist, who came to the Belarusian Polesie, met an unusual girl. It was soon discovered that she had a terrible family curse on her.

    3. “Mr. Designer” (1988)

    Have you ever caught yourself thinking that some stone sculptures look too realistic? Like it’s people? Probably, the creators of the film “Mr. Designer” were inspired by this idea. A bewitching and creepy story about a sculptor who decided to make an equally beautiful sculpture out of a dying beautiful girl. That’s just by coincidence of strange circumstances, after a couple of years, the main character meets the girl who died then alive and healthy.

    2. Blood Drinkers (1991)

    The name, hinting in the forehead that the horror is about vampires. Why not? At all times, people believed in the existence of blood-sucking evil spirits, which could not only kill, but also turn a similar one into itself. In the horror film Blood Drinkers, a young prince falls in love with a girl at a ball. Later they meet again, but already in the palace of the same lady. And everything would be fine, only the relatives of a stranger turn out to have very strange taste preferences.

    1. “Touch” (1992)

    And, perhaps, the most terrible and frightening with its realism Soviet horror film is “Touch”. Most of those who watched this movie note that the horror has an oppressive and psychologically tense atmosphere, which just helps to feel the Soviet horror movie 100%. This is a story about an investigator solving the unusual suicide of a young girl who killed her own child before her death. The more actively a man begins to engage in this matter, finding more and more evidence that says that this is not just a suicide, the more strange things begin to happen around him. Did the investigator dream of all these horrors, or were they real? Will he stay alive while investigating the case?


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