3D-printed rocket launch aborted at last minute

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CAPE CANAVERAL Florida — A rocket made almost entirely of 3D-printed parts remained on the launchpad Wednesday Its first attempt at launch was aborted in the final minutes.

California-based Relativity Space Was trying to launch the rocket from an ex-missile site to orbit. Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. There It was not immediately clear when the company would try again.

OnThe rocket’s upper stage temperature problem caused the flight computers on board to stop the countdown just before one minute remained. Mission Control Decided to fix the problem and retry before the launch window closes, but ultimately decided to call it quits.

It’s This rocket is only 110 feet long and will not carry anything except a memento: The first metal 3D printed from the company’s printers.

About 85% of the rocket was named TerranIt is composed of 3D printed parts made at the company’s plant in Long Beach, CaliforniaIt includes its engines. Relativity Space It aims to increase this percentage in its future versions.

SpaceX’s Falcon Rockets with 3D-printed parts have been flying for years but not to the same extent as today. Relativity Space’s A new rocket.

Relativity Space It claimed that its rocket was the largest 3D-printed object ever to launch.

Businessman Mark Cuban Television “Shark Tank” One of the early investors in this company.

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