31 children were taken out of the boarding school at the Nikolo-Shartomsky Monastery as part of the verification of the application for pedophilia


    Law enforcement officers took 31 children out of the boarding school at the Nikolo-Shartomsky Monastery in the Ivanovo region, a local publication reported this morning. IvanovoNews.

    According to witnesses cited by the publication, the children were brought into buses and taken out of the territory of the boarding school. Later it was reported that the reason for the investigative actions was to check the statement of sexual harassment by an unknown man to one of the boys.

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    According to the executive director of the school, Hieromonk Spiridon, presumably, the reason was the statement of the parents of the children who were previously expelled from school for poor progress.

    Law enforcement officers, including riot police, as well as guardianship representatives arrived to an educational institution on August 5.

    31 pupils of 5-11 grades were taken out of the territory of the boarding school in the evening. According to preliminary data, they were taken to Ivanovo, four more children were taken to the Investigative Committee in Shuya.

    Representatives of the monastery and teachers of the school were interrogated for several hours, searches were carried out at the school.

    Judging by the information of the publication, we are talking about a private educational institution boarding school at the Nikolo-Shartomsky Monastery.

    Pupils in grades 5-11 of the boarding school until August 22 pass in the monastery military sports camp “Kleshchevsky Dawns 2022”.

    Maria Fedotova


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