250 thousand Israelis came out to protest against Netanyahu’s reforms – EADaily, February 19, 2023 – Israel. News of Israel. Israel today latest news

Nearly 250,000 people across Israel took to the streets to protest against judicial reform, the Jerusalem Post reported, citing the organizers of the demonstrations.

“Nearly a quarter of a million Israelis have joined demonstrations in more than 60 locations in Israel,” – the publication says with reference to the organizers of the protests.

According to the organizers, almost 135,000 people came out to protest in Tel Aviv.

Earlier, the Times of Israel newspaper reported that the bill on judicial reform will be considered at the Knesset plenum on February 20. The Ministry of Justice assured that the government does not plan to suspend or postpone the promotion of judicial reform, despite the corresponding call of the President of the country Yitzhak Duke and thousands of protests against it.

On Monday, the Legislative Commission of the Parliament approved the first stage of judicial reform for further consideration in the first reading. The bill is expected to increase government control over the selection committee of judges and limit the Supreme Court’s use of judicial review over fundamental laws.

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