23 million rubles will be spent on the protection of a new facility in Yekaterinburg

Grand opening of the hostels of the village of the International University Sports Festival.  Yekaterinburg, water sports, water sports palace, lap pool

The administration of the Sverdlovsk region will spend 23 million rubles on the provision of services for the protection of the “Water Sports Palace”, where the festival of student games will be held. Information about this appeared on the State Procurement website.

“Provision of services for the protection of the object of the Customer of the Palace of Water Sports, the adjacent territory and property, as well as the provision of intra-object and access control at the facility, in respect of which mandatory requirements for the anti-terrorist security of the facility have been established,” the statement said. The initial price of the service is 23 million rubles.

The announcement appeared on March 20, 2023. The main requirement of the customer is the absence of procurement participants in the register of unscrupulous suppliers.

The mayor’s office of Yekaterinburg has already revealed when the facilities for the student games festival will be completed. The Palace of Water Sports and the Palace of Team Sports will be commissioned in April 2023.


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