The psychologist explained what should not be said to the interlocutor

Telephone conversation - 1920, 11/26/2021

MOSCOW, 26 Nov – In order to maintain a constructive dialogue during a conversation or negotiation, one must not forget an important rule: never jeopardize the self-worth of the interlocutor, he told the agency “Prime“psychologist Dmitry Sinarev.
Otherwise, only an aggressive defensive reaction can be expected.
“In order not to make such mistakes, it is useful to teach yourself the technique of“ entering the second position. ”This is a professional psychological method that allows you to look at the situation through the eyes of another person, as well as“ listen with his ears, ”the psychologist noted.
The expert suggested avoiding words and phrases that cause tension and wariness, personalize responsibility, but at the same time radically separate the negotiators “on opposite sides of the barricades.”
Sinarev emphasized: the meaning of communication is to convey your point of view to others, and this can be achieved with the help of mutual sincerity and respect for personal dignity.

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