In Iraq, the attempted assassination of the prime minister with the help of drones was called a terrorist attack

MOSCOW, 7 Nov – The Iraqi Interior Ministry called the attempted assassination of the country’s Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi a terrorist attack, which was carried out with the help of three UAVs, the Iraqi news agency reports. INA
“The attack on the Prime Minister is a terrorist attack. The assassination attempt was carried out with the help of three UAVs, two of which were shot down,” the agency quotes a statement from a representative of the department.
According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, a third drone hit al-Kazemi’s house, injuring several of al-Kazemi’s security guards. Their number has not been specified.
The media reported on Sunday night that the residence of the Iraqi Prime Minister in Baghdad came under fire from a drone. The local INA agency, citing Iraqi security agencies, later said that the prime minister was not injured in the attempted assassination attempt from a drone. Al-Kazemi himself confirmed on Twitter that everything is fine with him. At the same time, according to the Shafaq agency, three of the prime minister’s guards were injured.

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