delhi overall air quality continues to remain in severe category firecrackers spoiled its health know how much is pollution level now

Fireworks that broke out on the night of Diwali have spoiled the health of the air of the capital. Even after three days, the air of Delhi remains in the severe category. According to the data released by the System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR) on Sunday morning, the air of the capital continued to remain in the ‘severe category’ today. The Air Quality Index (AQI) has been recorded at 436.

Earlier on Saturday also Delhi’s air was in the ‘severe category’ and the AQI was recorded at 533. Delhi’s air has registered a decline since Diwali. Firecrackers do the work of dissolving poison in the air. Due to this, a thick sheet of fog is visible in the sky of the capital. This toxic air can have serious effects on healthy people as well.

Irritation and stinging in the eyes increased due to polluted air

The polluted air in the capital has also become a problem for the eyes. There has been an increase of 25-30 per cent in the number of patients with eye-related problems in the OPDs of hospitals. Patients are reaching with problems like burning in the eyes, itching, watery eyes, dryness, redness of the eyes, prickling. This includes patients who have recently undergone eye surgery.

The problem will increase as pollution increases.

Dr. Sanjay Gudwani, Head of the ENT department of Fortis Escorts Hospital, Okhla, said that in the past 10 percent of the patients have experienced allergic problems due to pollution. The way pollution will increase in Delhi, then this problem will increase more among the people. Due to pollution, the eyes become itchy and red. People take precautions while going out.

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