Foreign Ministry urged the shipbuilding industry to prepare for serious tests

Russian Foreign Ministry building - 1920, 10/26/2021

MOSCOW, October 26 – The Russian shipbuilding industry and the country’s civil shipbuilding in conditions of tough competition and an unfriendly political background will have to undergo serious tests, said Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Alexander Pankin.
“It seems to us that in the conditions of this fierce competition, fueled by political hostility, the shipbuilding industry in Russia, civil shipbuilding will have to withstand very serious tests and prepare for them,” Pankin said at a round table in the Federation Council dedicated to supporting the development of shipbuilding in Russia.
The Foreign Ministry spokesman explained that the International Maritime Organization sets a goal to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2050. “And this is just 30 years later. At the European level, they want to reduce emissions from river vessels by 35% by 2035 in relation to 2015. These are ambitious tasks, which will certainly be followed by state regulation, either national or integration, like the EU, the requirement “, – said Pankin.
He added that today one should work “not only for the future, but also for the very long term.” “Both in terms of production and in terms of renewal and modernization of our fleet. If we are talking about international activities,” the Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman added.

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