In the Amur region, a truck driver died in a collision with a freight train

Ambulance car - 1920, 23.10.2021

BLAGOVESCHENSK, 23 October – The truck driver, violating the rules, drove onto the railway tracks in the Amur Region, where he collided with a freight train, the car driver was killed, previously, the locomotive and 14 train carriages derailed, the Trans-Baikal Railway (ZabZhD) reports.
As noted in the message, the accident occurred on Saturday at 04:58 Moscow time at a regulated railway crossing at the Ledyanaya station of the Trans-Baikal railway.
“The driver of a truck, violating traffic rules, drove onto the track when the signal of a properly operating traffic light in front of an approaching freight train prohibits. The driver applied emergency braking, but the distance was insufficient, and the collision could not be avoided. The locomotive team was taken to hospital, the driver of the car was killed. According to preliminary information, the locomotive and 14 carriages of the train got off. Passenger train # 8 on the Omsk-Vladivostok route is being delayed, “ZabZhD reports.
An operational headquarters is working on the Trans-Baikal Railway to coordinate work to eliminate the consequences of the accident.
According to the Russian MIA Administration for the Amur Region, a traffic police squad is working at the scene.

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