Drivers were reminded of the dangers on autumn roads

Autumn road - 1920, 24.10.2021

MOSCOW, October 24 – The specificity of the autumn season is that there can be a huge difference in the coefficient of adhesion on the same road, depending on a large number of factors, said in an interview with the agency “Prime“automotive expert Yegor Vasiliev. For example, fallen leaves and light rain turn the asphalt into a very slippery surface.
Morning frosts can cause asphalt icing. At the same time, the ice is often completely invisible from the side, but when you try to turn or brake, it suddenly turns out that the car does not obey you, he noted.
Therefore, it is necessary to exclude aggressive summer driving from your arsenal.
“We smoothly accelerate and decelerate, avoid sharp maneuvers and increase the distance to the cars moving in front,” the specialist advised.
According to Vasiliev, the driver should try to analyze the condition of the road, always assuming that it is rather worse than better. You should be especially careful in the morning, when the temperature of the asphalt is minimal.

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