The United States will not dare to test Russia by inviting Ukraine to NATO, the expert said

A soldier in an exercise with the participation of the armed forces of Ukraine and NATO countries - 1920, 10/22/2021

WASHINGTON, Oct 22 – Contrary to the statements of the Pentagon chief, the leaders of the United States and European countries are hardly eager to test Russia, giving the green light for Ukraine’s accession to NATO, said President of the American University in Moscow Eduard Lozansky.
During a visit to Kiev, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said that third countries do not have the right to veto participation in the North Atlantic alliance of Ukraine, whose aspirations are supported in Washington. Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Austin’s words “must and can” be interpreted as an open door for Ukraine to join NATO.
“Putin’s words leave no doubt that he takes Austin’s statement seriously … Given his repeated warnings about crossing red lines, it can be assumed that Austin has gone beyond his assigned role,” Lozansky said.
Lozansky suggested that Putin has a clear response scenario in case the “red line” is crossed.
“We do not know, of course, the details of his script, but I do not think that (US President Joe) Biden and many responsible European leaders are ready to find out … Fortunately, the final decision will be theirs, not Austin,” he added. …
The US and NATO usually say that Ukraine’s accession to NATO depends on the success of the reforms being carried out in the country, and they emphasize that this is not a prospect for the near future.
Former analyst and CIA resident Philip Giraldi said that the Biden administration had signaled by all possible means that it was in favor of the early integration of Ukraine and Georgia into NATO.
“We can expect that the pressure will increase in the next few months, and among NATO members who are sufficiently involved in this issue, there is not one who would try to oppose,” he suggests.
Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko said Moscow had warned the alliance that any move on Kiev’s membership would have consequences.

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