Russia offered Austria to restore regular flights

Passenger Plane in the Sky - 1920, 22.10.2021

VIENNA, 22 Oct – Russia is waiting for a substantive reaction from the Austrian aviation authorities to the proposal to resume full-fledged regular air traffic between the countries from November 9, Russian Ambassador to Austria Dmitry Lyubinsky said on Friday.
Speaking about bilateral relations, the ambassador stressed that all the fundamental agreements reached earlier at the political level between the countries remain in force and continue to be consistently implemented.
“Measures to stabilize the epidemic situation, the main thing is vaccination of the population, the resumption of full-fledged regular air traffic between our countries. The Russian side made a proposal to remove all existing barriers to this on November 9, and we are waiting for a substantive reaction from the Austrian aviation authorities,” the ambassador said at the opening of the meeting of the Austrian-Russian Business Council.
He stressed that this measure will inevitably contribute to the restoration of the dock-like level of contacts and interaction between Moscow and Vienna.
Earlier, the operational headquarters to combat the spread of coronavirus infection reported that Russia is lifting restrictions on air traffic with Austria, Switzerland, Finland and the United Arab Emirates from November 9.

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