American base in Syria attacked

Five drones attacked the American base at-Tanf in the south-east of Syria, according to the Arab TV channel Al-Mayadin… This information is also confirmed by other Arab media.

The Syrian Human Rights Monitoring Center also reported about the explosions in the area of ​​the at-Tanf base. There were reports of a fire at the base.

According to preliminary information, the attack was carried out from the direction of Iraq. A version appeared on social networks that this is revenge for Israel’s strike in Syria a week ago.

On Wednesday, October 13, from 11:35 pm to 11:39 pm, four Israeli Air Force F-16 tactical fighters entered Syrian airspace in the Al Tanf area and struck a phosphate processing plant in the Palmyra area. The Syrian military leadership decided not to use air defense systems, since at the time of the Israeli aviation attack, two civilian passenger aircraft were in the zone of destruction of the anti-aircraft systems, following the Dubai-Beirut and Baghdad-Damascus routes.

Marianna Belenkaya

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