Why tomato prices are rising in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai rate is 72 per kg – Business News India

Tomato prices in retail markets: Between the prices of petrol, diesel and gas, now the prices of vegetables have also started increasing. In the metro cities of the country, the price of tomato per kg has crossed Rs 70.

How much in which city: On October 12, the price of tomato in Kolkata was Rs 72 per kg, while till a few days ago it was sold at Rs 38 per kg. In Delhi and Chennai, the retail prices of tomatoes have increased from Rs 30 and Rs 20 per kg to Rs 57 per kg respectively in a month, according to the data of the Ministry of Consumer Affairs. The data shows that the price of tomato has increased from Rs 15 per kg to Rs 53 per kg in the retail markets of Mumbai during this period.

What is the reason for the increase? Ashok Kaushik, president of the Tomato Traders Association of Azadpur Mandi in the capital Delhi, said, “Unseasonal rains have damaged the crop in producing states like Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. This has affected the supply in consumer markets like Delhi. This is the reason why wholesale And the prices of tomatoes have gone up in both the retail markets.” According to Ashok Kaushik, 60 percent of the tomato crop has been ruined in the producing states with unseasonal rains. As a result, tomato prices have almost doubled to Rs 40-60 per kg in a month in Azadpur mandi. He said that the arrival of tomatoes has also come down.

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Second largest producer: According to the National Horticultural Research and Development Foundation, India is the second largest tomato producer in the world after China. India produces about 19.75 million tonnes of tomatoes from an area of ​​7.89 lakh hectares with an average yield of about 25.05 tonnes per hectare.


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