Hindus in Kabul celebrated Navratri festival at the ancient Asamai Mandir jagran kirtan hare rama hare krishna

Ever since the Taliban took over Afghanistan, there has been an atmosphere of fear and danger among the minorities. However, now a video has come out from here which has definitely reduced this fear a bit. Daras, Hindu community members sang ‘Hare Rama-Hare Krishna’ hymn at a temple in Kabul during Navratri, the video of which is now being widely shared on social media.

The video is being told of the Asmai temple in Kabul, where Hindus performed kirtan and Jagran. Journalist Ravinder Singh Robin has also tweeted a video of Hindus singing ‘Hare-Rama, Hare-Krishna’ from his verified Twitter handle.

He wrote along with the video that on Monday night, people of the Hindu community celebrated the festival of Navratri at the ancient Asmai temple in Kabul. According to Ravinder Singh Robin, these Hindus have demanded from the Government of India that due to the increasing economic and social troubles, they should be removed from there as soon as possible.

Let us tell you that in the month of August, the Taliban announced the occupation of the whole of Afghanistan. Since then, the economy of Afghanistan is going into the worst phase. People do not even have money to eat and drink.


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