WhatsApp is adding pausing recording feature for voice message – Tech news hindi

Popular messaging app WhatsApp is going to improve its voice message feature. Once the new feature comes, it will become more easy for those who send voice messages on WhatsApp. Till now you will be sending a lot of voice notes to say long talk, while after the new feature comes, you will be able to say your whole thing in one voice message only.

Actually, the company is now going to add the facility to pause voice recording in WhatsApp. According to the report of WABetaInfo, the company is working on a new feature. Under this, users will be able to pause and re-record while recording an audio message. Currently, if you want to send a voice message to a WhatsApp contact, you have to do the entire recording without stopping. There is currently no feature to stop recording.

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Do voice message speed control
Let us tell you that WhatsApp had added speed control to the voice message feature some time back. Through the new feature, you can listen to voice messages received on WhatsApp at three different speeds. Users have started getting options of 1x, 1.5x, and 2x (i.e. normal, 1.5x faster and 2x faster) speed. Earlier you could listen to voice messages only at normal speed. In such a situation, listening to a long voice note used to take more time.

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Coming message reaction feature
Apart from this, WhatsApp is also working on a new message reactions feature. We have already seen this type of feature on Facebook Messenger and Instagram. Now it is going to come on WhatsApp as well. Through this, you will be able to react to the message coming in the chat through the emoji of your choice. This feature will also be available for group chats.


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