Rapidly changing political situation in Punjab BJP and Akali can help each other eyes on Captain

The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the Akali Dal (SAD) may not come together in the state’s political situation in the Punjab Assembly elections, but there may be an undeclared synergy at the level of candidates. The two old allies are also likely to help each other in view of the turmoil of the Congress and the growing influence of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) in the state.

The politics of Punjab has been greatly affected by the political developments of the last one and a half months. Not only did the Congress face a split, but it had to change its chief minister as well. On the other hand, Aam Aadmi Party seems to be spreading fast in the state with all its populist announcements. In such a situation, after separating from the Akali Dal, the problems of the BJP have also increased, then the Akali Dal is also troubled.

Everyone’s eyes are on what the former Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh, who has distanced himself from the Congress, will take. He can form a separate party and can also align with the anti-Congress parties. Meanwhile, the allegations and allegations between the BJP and the Akali Dal have also reduced. Since the two parties have been allies for a long time, their relationship at the level of leaders is still good.

According to sources, the leaders of both the parties can help each other at the level of candidates during the assembly elections. Especially in rural areas BJP can support Akali Dal, then in urban areas BJP candidates can get help from Akali Dal.

The conflict between the two parties is over agricultural law and issues related to farmers. If in the meantime the central government takes some important decisions on these issues, then there can also be a way for the BJP-Akali Dal to come closer at once.

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