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India’s Best Dancer Season 2 is going to start once again on Sony TV. In this coming season, Malaika Arora, Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis will once again appear before the audience as judges. Meanwhile, at the show launch event, Malaika recalled the moments when a contestant touched her cheeks on the show last year, how she was shocked.

When the contestant touched Malaika’s cheek

At the launch event of the upcoming show, Malaika was asked what was going through her mind when a contestant touched her on the cheek? Responding to this question, Malaika says, “Yes, I was a little scared as it is the time of Kovid. He suddenly came up to me and started touching my cheeks. I was really shocked for a second. Although he was very lovingly touching and I was happy. He was also very happy to touch but yes, I was a little scared for that moment. The same thing came to my mind first and I was wondering if I had sanitized my hands from them.

Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis remember the incident

Malaika was accompanied by her co-judges, choreographers Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis at the launching event. Both of them remembered the incident and expressed their reaction. Terrence said of the incident that it was the “cutest part” of the entire teaser video. “Every time I see them, I say ‘wow’,” he said. Geeta continued, “It happens very rarely because he is such a big personality, who would go straight and touch his cheeks? We don’t even have that much guts, in fact he had the guts to do that, I think it was lovely.” .

Know when is the premiere of the show

‘India’s Best Dancer – Season 2’ premieres on 16 October. The show will air every Saturday and Sunday at 8 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television. The show will be hosted by Maniesh Paul.


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