Tej Pratap got Sushil Modi accompaniment by challenging Lalu yadav Sumo took a jibe at RJD s feud

BJP leader and former Deputy CM Sushil Modi has also entered the RJD regarding Tej Pratap. Sushil Modi challenged Lalu Yadav while praising Tej Pratap and also took a jibe at the RJD feud. Sushil Modi also attacked Shivanand Tiwari, who told Tej Pratap out of RJD.

Sushil Modi said that the party in which there has not been any other national president other than Lalu Prasad and all the 11 members including wife Rabri Devi hold the status of directors of a private limited company, in which someone from outside the family has elder son and MLA. How can one deny the status of Tej Pratap Yadav?

Modi said Tej Pratap has created a supporter class amongst the youth, which may upset those rivaling him in the party’s power war. Modi challenged the RJD chief and said that if Lalu Yadav has the courage, then he should show Tej Pratap Yadav by expelling him from the party.

Sushil Modi also hit hard on Shivanand Tiwari, who told Tej Pratap out of RJD. Modi said that former MP Shivanand Tiwari should be in any post of RJD, but his statement has no meaning. Who is he to dismiss the political heir of a party? Said that people like him have been coming and going after seeing political opportunities in RJD. A day earlier on Wednesday itself, Shivanand Tiwari had said that Tej Pratap himself has gone out of RJD. He has set up his own organization.

Congress leader also made claim about Tej Pratap

Earlier in the day on Thursday, the Congress leader also made a different claim about Tej Pratap. Bihar Congress working president Ashok Ram met Tej Pratap Yadav. After this claimed that Tej Pratap will campaign for Congress in Kusheshwarsthan by-election. The Congress has fielded Ashok Ram’s son Atirek Kumar from Kusheshwarsthan. Kusheshwarsthan assembly seat is adjacent to Hasanpur. Tej Pratap is the MLA from Hasanpur itself.

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