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It is said that hard work is not worth anything. A girl has made this proverb come true. This girl’s father works at a petrol pump and the girl has made a mark in IIT Kanpur. This girl named Arya Rajagopal has got admission in IIT Kanpur for Post Graduation in Petroleum Engineering.

Actually, Union Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri has posted a picture of this girl and her father while sharing a post on Twitter. Both of them are seen standing at a petrol pump. Sharing this, Hardeep Singh Puri wrote, ‘A heart touching incident, Arya Rajagopal has made her father Shri Rajagopal ji and all of us associated with the energy sector of the country proud. This father-daughter duo is an inspiration and role model for New India. My best wishes.

Indian Oil Corporation Limited Chairman Shrikant Madhav Vaidya shared the photo on his Twitter and wrote that I am sharing the inspiring story of Arya, daughter of Rajagopal, who works at Indian Oil’s petrol pump. Arya has made us proud by getting admission in IIT Kanpur. Best wishes to Arya.

Apart from this, many people have congratulated Arya Rajagopal by sharing this success. ‘The Better India’ has written in one of its reports that the story of Arya Rajagopal is not only a story of academic success but also of grit and determination. Her father has been working continuously at the petrol pump for the last 20 years so that the future of his daughter can be bright.

Arya Rajagopal has set an example because of her father’s sacrifice and her hard work. She will pursue a degree in Petroleum Engineering at IIT Kanpur. Earlier he has completed his graduation from National Institute of Technology. As soon as the story of Arya Rajagopal became viral on social media, many people started sharing it and started searching about Arya. However, so far only the same information has come out about Arya Rajagopal.

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  1. I am happy that one Indian is getting kudos from Minister, Top Officials etc. But,I feel,a mechanical way of wishing has been observed without even trying to ascertain as to which Petrol Pump in India Rajagopal works, which University she completed her graduation etc etc. The college Principal or Owner of Petrol Pump are also silent in this case.


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