Ensure defeat of BJP in bypoll BJP minister Vijay Shah to party workers in Madhya Pradesh

In the Khandwa Lok Sabha by-election of Madhya Pradesh, Forest Minister Kunwar Vijay Shah in the state government, which was put in the election work by the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), on Saturday came under the target of people and opposition Congress on social media for one of his statements. On Saturday, he said in a statement that the party has given him the responsibility of not winning a single polling booth in this by-election. Hours after the statement was circulated on social media, Shah released a video of his clarification saying that the earlier statement was dropped due to ‘haste, accidentally slip of tongue’ and this made the Congress happy. Needless to.’

In fact, Shah said in his earlier statement on Saturday, ‘We have requested by calling the key workers of this area that the party has given me the responsibility of not winning a single polling booth in this election. That’s why I myself will go to 264 polling booths and request that we strengthen the hands of Modi ji. After this statement came on social media, Shah realized his mistake and issued a new statement a few hours later, clarifying on Twitter.

In his new statement, he said, “Today while going to Omkareshwar in a meeting of some BJP workers in Beed, I said that BJP should not be defeated by a single polling booth. Because I was in a hurry and BJP did not win due to slip of tongue, it happened by mistake. Congressmen are getting very happy about the same.

Vijay Shah said, “I claim that the Mandhata assembly, where the party has given the responsibility to me, if Congress wins from here, I am ready to impose whatever be the condition.” There is no need to make a fuss about the above thing when the tongue slips. BJP is not going to lose because of the Congressmen. Together we workers will win the Bharatiya Janata Party from here with historical votes.

Congress spokesperson Narendra Saluja took a jibe at Shah’s statement and tweeted, “Wow minister ji wow… you were in a hurry that’s why you defeated the BJP and when you started winning…. It is not right to slip, once your tongue slipped in the night, then your ministerial post had slipped… You are on a constitutional post, it does not suit you to impose conditions.’


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