Air India Bid Rakesh Tikiat Alka Lamba Chetan Bhagat Tweet On It BKU Leader Said We Already Said Here Is Board Of India For Sell Congress leader also took a jibe

Rakesh Tikait and Alka Lamba have tweeted on Air India auction. Apart from him, famous writer Chetan Bhagat has also reacted on the matter.

Government company Air India is now going to belong to the country’s well-known company Tata. According to Bloomberg, the panel has selected the Trata Group for Air India. According to ANI, Tata has won by placing the highest bid. The central government has come under attack from the opposition parties regarding the auction of Air India. Bharatiya Kisan Union leader Rakesh Tikait tweeted, slamming the government on the Air India auction. Apart from him, Congress leader Alka Lamba also did not shy away from taunting the government.

Farmer leader Rakesh Tikat took a jibe at the Air India auction and wrote, “We are already saying that there is a board of India for Sale in the country. Earlier it was considered an insult to be auctioned, now it is a matter of respect. Today the country’s airline Air India has also been auctioned.

On the other hand, Congress leader Alka Lamba took a jibe at the Air India auction and wrote, “Tata to Air India with this.” Noted author Chetan Bhagat, reacting to the matter, wrote, “So it looks like it is going to be Tata Air India. This means that the government is calling Air India Tata and Air India is now going to become Tata Air India. Both can be right.”

Apart from them, social media users are also commenting a lot on this matter. A user named Vikram Chaudhary wrote, “At some point in time the government of the country took over Air India. Today it got auctioned due to poor working style. Congratulations to the residents of New India.”

A user named Sanjay wrote tauntingly, “The entire nation thanks Modi ji for selling Air India to Tata Group. And if some country’s property is left then please inform Modi ji, soon that too will be sold.”

A user named Vikas wrote, “The same Tata group from whom Indira Gandhi took Air India to government aircraft, the same Tata group has again bought Air India from the Modi government today. All this will be recorded in history as to which government was formed for the country and which was only for a handful of capitalists.

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