top US military officials advised keeping 2500 American troops in Afghanistan warned Joe Biden against withdrawal

The top US military official, who appeared for the first time in Congress (Parliament) to testify on the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, revealed on Tuesday that he had advised President Joe Biden that some two and a half thousand soldiers in Afghanistan should be put on standby. should keep. Not only this, he also expressed apprehension that the Taliban had not completely severed its ties with al-Qaeda. The military official termed the war in Afghanistan in the last 20 years as a “strategic failure”.

General Mark Milley, the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told the Senate Armed Services Committee that it was his personal opinion that at least 2,500 troops should be sent to Afghanistan to prevent the fall of the government in Kabul and the return of the Taliban regime. needed to be stationed.

Milley described the war as a “strategic failure” in which 2461 Americans lost their lives. He said of the Taliban’s capture of the Afghan capital on August 15, “Kabul is under enemy rule.” He also said that perhaps the biggest failure of the US was that the forces in Afghanistan were placed too much on US troops and technology.

General Frank Mackenzie, the head of Central Command and overseeing the final months of the US war, said he agreed with Milley’s assessment. He also declined to say what advice he had given to Biden. Senator Tom Cotton asked Milley why he did not resign when his advice was not followed, Milley said, “It is not necessary that the President agrees with that advice.” It is also not necessary that he should decide because we have advised him as a general. And resigning as an army officer just because my advice was not followed would be an unbelievable act of political disobedience.

Defense Minister Lloyd Austin has also given a statement before the committee. He defended the military’s campaign to evacuate people by planes. He said that it will be difficult to deal with future threats from Afghanistan but it is completely possible. He told the committee, ‘We helped create a state, but we could not make a nation.’

“The truth is that the Afghan army that we and our allies trained, laid down their arms easily,” he said. It took us all by surprise.’ Austin acknowledged shortcomings in the evacuation operation that began on August 14 at Hamid Karzai International Airport. He, however, said the evacuation by air service was a historic achievement that took away 124,000 people under the Taliban regime.

“We have all seen pictures of Afghan civilians running out of fear on the runway and behind our planes,” he said. We all remember the confusion outside the airport. But within 48 hours, our soldiers had restored order.

Republicans have intensified their attacks on President Joe Biden’s decision to pull all troops out of Afghanistan by August 30. They are demanding more information about the suicide bombing in Kabul that killed 13 American soldiers in the final days of their withdrawal.


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