Imran khan is the puppet of the Pakistan Army, says Taliban leader

Taliban calls Pakistan PM Imran Khan a puppet. Taliban leader General Mubeen has said that Imran Khan has not been elected by the people of Pakistan. People in Pakistan call Imran Khan a puppet. He has threatened Pakistan and said that we do not give this right to anyone to interfere in our rule and if someone does so then we also have the right to interfere. Mubeen has advised Imran Khan to stay away from the affairs of Afghanistan.

Mubeen has said that Imran Khan wants an inclusive government in Afghanistan. He has not been elected PM by the public and is advising us. People of Pakistan say that he is a puppet of Pakistani army. All minority communities including Pashtuns are being treated badly under Imran Khan’s government. Why does Pakistan need an inclusive government in Afghanistan? So that he can fill his spies and puppets in Afghanistan. That can not be. Believe it or not but the present government is inclusive.

Check out this tweet by Pakistani journalist Nayla Inayat.

Mubeen has further said that Pakistan is in bad condition and in such a situation Imran Khan should pay attention to his country. Work for the betterment of the people there. We respect the sovereignty of Pakistan and want the same from Pakistan.

After the Taliban called Imran Khan a puppet and targeted Pakistan, the people of Pakistan have been raining on the Taliban on social media. At the same time, many people have also made many sarcasm on Imran Khan on this pretext.

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